Epic Motorcycle Ride: Day 1

Today was the beginning of something I’ve wanted to do ever since I bought this bike in September of 2012. I am blessed enough to have a job which gives me three days off every weekend. So today, at the start of this three day weekend, I began a tour of Arizona on my Victory Cross Country.

The plan is to leave Phoenix, travel up the 89A like I have done several times in the past, going through Prescott, Jerome, Cottonwood, Sedona, and eventually finish the first day’s ride in Flagstaff. I’ve written before about this route and how much I love these roads and this ride. In order to avoid redundancy, I’m not going to spend much time writing about a ride I’ve already blogged to you about. It’s tomorrow and the next day I’m so excited about.
Day two, I will be riding throug Monument Valley to Mexican Hat in Utah as suggested by a riding buddy named Brian. From there, I will continue on to The Four Corners before ending my ride in Chinle, AZ. That will be all about the photos.
Day three, will be the return home, back South through Payson before landing back in the Valley.
As I was riding today I realized how much fear and worry were clouding my experience at first. Did I pack every thing I might need? Do I know where I’m going? What if… What if… What if… only to come to the realization that it’s all going to be ok. The imperfection is what makes it an adventure. Perfect is pretty boring. That being said, I made sure to stay well hydrated all day and not to push too hard after having a big meal at Lone Spur Cafe in Prescott. Just enjoy the ride. Just be in the moment.

Today’s ride was a very windy 234 miles in about five hours. As you can see from the photo, I learned my lesson from my trip to Las Vegas and donned a full face helmet for the first time in over a decade of riding. And with the wind as forceful as it was today, the purchase was well worth it.
Not just any full face would do. Bell introduced a new retro style helmet called the Bullit. It is by far the most expensive helmet I’ve ever bought even after getting a 20% discount by buying it at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show. That is another blog entry I need to write since it involves me demo riding the Indian Scout. Although the Bullit isn’t perfect, I am content with it and would recommend it. Despite the price, no other helmet I’ve looked at solves the full face retro style conundrum that has kept me away from full face helmets this entire time. Sure, it is noisy, and little heavy (compared to my half helmet from Scorpion) but it looks Evel Knievel cool, man.
As you can also tell from the pic, the selfie-stick is in full effect. Since I don’t have a second biker following me around to photographically document my quest ala Ewan McGregor in Long Way Round, I have to resort to this geeky yet very handy little tool. It’s either that or I relegate myself to countless photos of my bike, by itself, at various locations. Tell me I’m wrong: doesn’t solo motorcyclist and selfie-stick just perfectly go together? If not, then too bad; I’m doing it anyway and justifying it by pointing out that I’m half Asian.
Now for a fun evening in Flagstaff, at my AirBnB house to rest before a big day two.