NMX with dad

Note the Indian Motorcycle shirt

Each year my dad and I go on a trip together. This year was a little special because he just had a successful prostate cancer removal surgery at the beginning of the year and this was our first chance to get together since. Since he is the one loyal reader that I have, he thought it would be a great idea to head to Vegas for the New Media Expo.

What is the New Media Expo (NMX) you ask? That’s a great question and one I had as well. Not really sure how my dad even finds this stuff. But, NMX is a convention for bloggers and podcasters. I will reveal my inner nerd when I say that I am a big fan of podcasts, as is my father. But neither of us are interested in starting or having our own podcast, which was different than the majority of the attendees. But there was very useful training and in regards to Passion106; I think it helped the author.

NMX helped me because I got to see who else had blogs and was blogging. I got to see my “peers”. And in seeing my peers I got a much clearer definition myself. And the clearer definition of me leads to clearer definition of Passion106.

Let’s start by saying, I’m a fan. I’m not a blogger. Yes, I have a blog but I don’t write it for anything but a celebration of the motorcycle I love. I’m not here to build a loyal audience. I’m not here to make money off of ads. I don’t have any cooking tips. I can’t tell you any anecdotes about my baby diaper changing stories.

I’m a guy who likes to write and rides a Victory Cross Country with a really sweet paint job. Which means I’m not relatable. And not being relatable means not having followers or an audience. I might possibly appeal to a quiet niche of nerds who are into the brand of Victory motorcycles. There might be one or two more guys out there like me. And if those guys think this is worth reading then I would be happy about that. But they aren’t why I write.

I’m passionate about the way the bike feels and where it takes me and the experiences I have when I ride. That is why I write Passion106. Sure it’d be nice to get recognition from the company but if that did happen, I have to be honest, it would also suck. If Polaris suddenly deemed me worthy of some minor spotlight (which I just can’t ever see happening) then there would be all this pressure to meet deadlines and post on a schedule. As it is now, this is the first thing I’ve written in this blog in about five months.

Which kind of circles back to definition. I’m a fan. I’m not a writer, or a journalist, or even the best speller for that matter. Which puts me somewhere below Snookie and her podcast on the scale of people who create things which they have no business creating.

In a prefect world, Passion106 would be a conversation. I would have those one or two audience members who weren’t related to me provide info or tips or perspective and we would pass that along to others in hopes they could learn more about the bike and the brand. Because being a fan also means that I’m not an authority. I know all too well how much I don’t know about the brand and about my own bike and about riding. If I didn’t have a life, I would bring in guests from my local area as well as anyone of significance I could grab over the phone and have them weigh in. But not only do I have a life and a job I have to tend to but I don’t have an audience so …

OK, so that’s my rant. I’m not going to apologize for the content of the blog. I accept it and so should you. If there was a point to this it would be so you know the purpose of Passion106. And I hope you know, I’d really like for you guys to weigh in. Comment, criticize, share. Hopefully it’s constructive. Regardless, I’ll be here, if I hear from you or not, trying not to beat myself up to bad for not posting enough because I’m out riding in this amazing Arizona Spring weather and not inside in front of a screen.

Ride safe.


2 thoughts on “Defintion

  1. I started my blog because my daughter dared me to do it. I had/ have no idea what I’m doing, but I don’t care. I write to please myself, and after a couple of years I have grown to enjoy writing and the interaction with my followers.

    I think anyone in our position needs to be true to themselves. If we can’t do that, we may as well give the game away.

    In fact I’m certain that readers can pick up on that and they prefer an honest post as compared to one that’s word perfect and slick.

    Great post.

    • It is truly great to hear from you. I’m about to get nerd philosophical with you but it amazes me that two people who are passionate about riding motorcycles who never would have met each other have connection through this powerful thing we take for granted daily: the internet. Thanks so much for your comment and your blog. Ride safe, brother.


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