Customer Appreciation event

IMG_2017Yesterday, Victory of Mesa held a customer appreciation event at their dealership. This dealership also owns the Apache Junction dealership, Arizona Kawasaki where I take my bike for service. The main reason I wanted to go to this event was because of a raffle they were holding. One of the raffle prizes was a set of tires which was really appealing to me. I recently had to replace my back tire because of an f-ing nail in the tire which caused a slow leak. That was about $300 I wasn’t looking forward to paying out. But you had to be present to win the raffle and I wasn’t intending on staying the whole day… can you say backfire?

IMG_2018But it was cool to see all the bikes together. Like a mini Victory motorcycle rally. And I ran into some of my friends from the Victory Owners Group Meetup who also happened to be attending. I did get a free hot dog and some Cheetos out of the deal.

I also ran into a buddy of mine who had just purchased a 2014 Vic XC with the sweet metallic flames on a green paint scheme. I haven’t been on Facebook in a while and he asked me if I wanted to see what happened to his ride. I was a little confused until he explained to me that he was rear-ended while he was stopped at an intersection. He was hit by a vehicle that was rear-ended by another vehicle.

IMG_2019I was really happy to see he was ok. He said nothing happened to him. But his poor motorcycle… the picture says almost everything. He explained that the car pushed him into another car but he was able to veer right and lay the bike down without having much more damage. Because he was already stopped the collision was “low speed”. What a heart breaker. I felt really blessed at that moment that I was safe and able to ride without any issues.

Ride safe out there, folks. Take care of yourself and keep the rubber side down.


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