There’s and app for that

20131021-134147.jpgI dig me some Sons Of Anarchy television show on FX. I’ve watched every single episode. If you’ve been under a rock then you don’t know the show is about outlaw biker gangs of Northern California. Unofficially, inspiration for the show comes from the real Hells Angels. Sonny Barger of HA lore currently rides a Victory. But SOA is sponsored by Harley and you will never see any other brand on that show being ridden by an SOA member character. Lately, Harley’s new feature on their ’14 line is the addition of a LCD touch screen for some of their bagger models. Very high tech.

Victory doesn’t offer that. Maybe they will in the future but frankly that one feature would not have swayed me to buy one of the Model T baggers over a Vic bagger. I’m absolutely content with plugging in my iPod and listening to my Spotify or iTunes through my Kicker speakers as I cruise. In a worst case scenario, I can pull over, open my side saddle bag, with the music still playing check my phone and get some navigation. Sure, it could be a little more convenient but I’m not riding my motorcycle to be convenient. I’m riding a motorcycle for a whole host of better reasons than convenient. That’s a blog for a whole other time.

Victory offers its Victory Rides mobile device application. It’s not an LCD touch screen. I don’t mind that at all. But it does register your info and which bike you have and reflects back information about model and warranties. You can map your routes and track your mileage, log way points, find the weather, the nearest dealer, or the nearest gas station. I’ve just uploaded it so the previous 5K are not going to be taken into consideration but I will check in and let you know how the next 5K go with mapping everything out.



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