1st Maintenance


I’ve had the VXC for a little over a year now and I’ve ridden it about 5000 miles. According to Victory, the bike needs to get an oil change every 5K so I gave a call to Arizona Kawasaki Victory out in Apache Junction where I bought the bike in order to get it serviced.

So if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking to yourself, if you live in South Phoenix then why would you choose to ride out of your way to visit the one of six Victory dealerships in the city when there are much closer dealerships which would make for much easier trips? Well, that’s a good question. Logically, my answer might not make sense to you. But what it really comes down to is more human nature than it is sense. I am two things: a creature of habit and a loyal person. Hell, I’ve been a fan of the same sports teams win or lose for years because to me it is principle. I’m not a fair weather fan. As a passionate person, you will also get loyalty as part of the package deal. So why did I ever go out to AJ to begin with? When I was shopping to buy my bike, I had originally intended to buy a black straight forward Cross Country. I spoke to dealerships all over the city as well as Tucson and also shopped Cycletrader.com. The exact same bike at all the dealerships varied significantly in price. Arizona Kawasaki Victory was by far the best by close to $2000. When I asked them why their prices were so low I learned a couple things: 1. They are part of the same dealership that is Victory of Mesa; and 2. Their rationale was that if I was going to be traveling all that way past other Victory dealerships then they needed to give me a good reason to do business with them. Sold.

You’ve read in my other pages on this blog my experience with bike maintenance and especially with my past American motorcycle. But in case you haven’t read, I won a Harley Davidson Sportster 883 in a raffle for $20. I also paid taxes but the funny thing is I only bought that one ticket. Go figure. My point is, though, that I had a horrible experience in servicing and maintaining that bike. Between recalls, service and accessories not to mention customer service, I will never own another Harley Davidson again.

I mention all of that because I am so gun shy about this V-twin I am now riding. The one year warranty comes with each new Vic purchase and an incentive I got with my bike is the extended warranty that was included in the price. The extended warranty also included the standard Victory Roadside Assistance. And I redundantly also have AMA roadside assistance with my year membership. But it is really and truly this simple: you ride the Victory Cross Country, you replace the oil, and then you ride it some more. I waited less than an hour and paid a little over $50 and I was set for another 5000 more miles on my beautiful machine. No hassle. And they guys remembered me and asked me questions about the ride and were just perfectly down to earth to talk with.

For this capitalist, good business is where it’s at. If you build a quality hamburger made of local products and sell it at a fair price and treat me well when I’m giving you my hard earned money, then I’m going to patronize your establishment. If your burger falls apart, and it tastes like ass then I’m going to take my business somewhere else. The free market is a gorgeous thing. So is competition. I vote with my dollar. You do what you want.


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