American Motorcycle Association?


A few motorcycles ago, a fellow rider strongly suggested I join the American Motorcycle Association (AMA). I put it off for a while because I really didn’t understand the value. Now that I have this new bike I figured that I would look into it.

The membership fee for a year is pretty cheap. About $45 a year. They advocate for street riders but seem to have their greatest presence and benefit to dirt bikers. It seems like they might be a lot like the NRA would be for motorcyclist. At this point, I’ve been given a shiny new card, a subscription to yet another membership magazine and a bunch of paperwork. In this very moment in time I don’t really see the benefit to belong to AMA other than the fact that I can say my dues contributed to their lobby in congress. But to me, my life isn’t changed significantly one way or the other. I suppose if I use their road side assistance in the off chance I don’t use the Victory road side assistance then I might feel vindicated. Only time will tell I guess. I would be interested in hearing what other people’s experiences are with the AMA.


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