Summer sadness

While a majority of the rest of the country that is not in desert climate is rejoicing riding their motorcycles in summer weather, I’ve been saddened by the fact that I’ve had to sparsely ride my machine because of the intense Arizona heat.

Last week it got up to 119 degrees fahrenheit. Sure it’s a dry heat but that’s just not fun. I won’t join into detail about riding a motorcycle in the summer in Phoenix because I’m assuming my audience are riders and can already relate but to summarize: it’s bad.

So for the two people who actually read this blog and were wondering why I haven’t posted much if anything in the last several months, the sun and the summer are the simple reasons. It’s too damn hot to ride and when I do get out on the bike, it’s at night simply to satisfy my withdrawals from riding. Around the block here, quick errand there, but nothing of significance or consequence. So when you’re typically hating the rain or cold I’m out on the bike enjoying desert weather but not now. Now the tables are turned and I envy you. Enjoy your riding, folks. Take care and be safe. I’ll be right there with you in a few months.


American Motorcycle Association?


A few motorcycles ago, a fellow rider strongly suggested I join the American Motorcycle Association (AMA). I put it off for a while because I really didn’t understand the value. Now that I have this new bike I figured that I would look into it.

The membership fee for a year is pretty cheap. About $45 a year. They advocate for street riders but seem to have their greatest presence and benefit to dirt bikers. It seems like they might be a lot like the NRA would be for motorcyclist. At this point, I’ve been given a shiny new card, a subscription to yet another membership magazine and a bunch of paperwork. In this very moment in time I don’t really see the benefit to belong to AMA other than the fact that I can say my dues contributed to their lobby in congress. But to me, my life isn’t changed significantly one way or the other. I suppose if I use their road side assistance in the off chance I don’t use the Victory road side assistance then I might feel vindicated. Only time will tell I guess. I would be interested in hearing what other people’s experiences are with the AMA.

New Windshield


My bike is just about perfect. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be modified in order to fit me better. I love listening to the music when I ride but at higher speeds, I would have to crank up the volume in order to hear the tunes. 

Another VXC rider told me about Arlen Ness is obviously the motorcycle designer who Victory tasked with creating the XC. His website has a windshield called the Flip Windshield for the VXC. What I like about it is the windshield gets the best of both worlds: it maintains the low profile coolness while moving the wind just enough so I can hear the radio. 

Ordering the windshield off of their site was a pain in the ass so I just called them. I had to wait a little longer because the windshield was on back order. Must be popular. It was pretty easy to install because it utilized the same four bolts that are on the existing windshield. Just a little working it into the grooves and it was ready. Now that I have one I love it. Definitely worth the money. 

Now all I need is a luggage rack and I’ll be golden. The quest continues.