AZ Bike Week – Motorcycles On Main


Arizona Bike Week is an annual event. All the events are around the Valley despite the fact it is supposedly a state wide event. There are rides throughout AZ, but everything is based out of town here.

Last night was the first night of the 10 day bike week. There were a few events around like an 80’s hair band concert at Chester’s Harley Davidson. White Snake. (Devil hand gestures and tongue out) But I deferred to a weekly event in Mesa: Motorcycles On Main.

I will admit to you that I don’t go to Mesa very often. So last night on Main Street was a nice surprise. I didn’t realize the amount of mom and pop businesses that are on the old drag. No chain restaurants or franchises just old school businesses which was great to see. I’m always a big fan of the local business.

I met up with the other Victory owners from the Meetup and parked my bike in front of the Victory of Mesa tent which is the parent of the shop I bought my bike from. Later in the evening, the guy who sold me my bike arrived on his custom Victory cruiser. Nice to know folks practice what they preach. After a quick bite to eat we all walked the street and looked at the bike lined curbs while dodging the late comers snaking through the crowds in first gear.

The crowd was different from the Westgate night. There were nowhere near as many sport bikes and along with that there were not nearly as many black people. I was one of the few non whites in the crowd. There were tents which sold shirts to sponsor their motorcycle “clubs” like the traditional Hells Angels and the Lost Dutchmen. I will not speculate on the relation of the lack of sport bikes and the presence of gang tents. Regardless, I felt perfectly comfortable walking around and will most likely come back to this event some time. As expected the amount of Model Ts was prolific with splashes of Victory bikes and a bunch of three wheelers. I saw something I’ve never see before last night which was a couple of three wheelers where they had chopped the rear ends of cars and attached them to the back of their motorcycles. There was a ’57 Chevy rear end attached to the front of a Model T with a V8 engine. And another Model T with a Chevy Corvette Stingray rear end.

Last night I also realized that I will never have a tow hitch on the back of any motorcycle I ever own. It’s a philosophical thing. If you’re going to ride a motorcycle, ride a motorcycle. Don’t try to make it a car. If you need trunk space, either get rid of some crap or drive a car. I love riding my bike because of the feeling I get leaning into a turn or the wind in my face as I accelerate. So yes, I am kind of a hater when in comes to trikes. And who knows, maybe when I get more mature and I don’t want to let go of the motorcycle thing then maybe I’ll turn to trikes. But for right now, I’m simply enjoying riding my bagger. Last night there was a novelty bike which was a Model T three wheeler towing a glass encased hearse. Cute and morbid at the same time but a huge departure from the reason I love riding motorcycles.

Soaking up the biker culture was great. The night was gorgeous and more evidence as to why I live here. Right before leaving a few guys came over and were appreciating the color of my Cross Country. The guy asked exactly what the name of the color was and I was happy to tell him. He reacted by jumping back in surprise. I smiled and told him I wasn’t making that up.

The night was too gorgeous to just go home so we took a nice detour through Tempe over the bridge across Tempe Town Lake. I lowered my speed as I cruised over the bridge flanked by strings of white lights hanging from lines on both sides. The reflection of the city lights off the water was more beautiful than any other time I’ve seen the same thing from the confines of my SUV.

Here are some notable bikes from the event. Some of the first Victories made to the most modern Vision I've seen.

I dug the LED lights on the Cross Country


One of the first Victory bikes ever made


Sweet Vision. The rider was a female.

Now it’s time to ride. The events have been great but now it’s time to take a trip and get the Cross Country exploring. The planning has already begun and I’m looking forward to the adventure next month.