I hear it all the time


I rode the motorcycle to work today. About half way through the morning a guy walked into my office who I’d never met before. He asked for me by name and then asked if I owned the Victory parked out in back. He asked how I liked the bike and I told him it was the best bike on the planet. He smiled and said he had one too.

He introduced himself and then told me the story of how he bought it. He was a Harley Road Glide owner in the market for a new motorcycle. As he drove North towards Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson he was passing by the Victory dealership and figured he’d stop and take a look because he’d heard a lot about Victory and was curious.

He told me that when he walked in to the dealership he was greeted by the sales person who was very friendly and inviting. They talked about the bike and the sales person offered to ride the bike right away. This guy said he rode the Cross Country and was amazed at the balance, the power, the handling and how gorgeous the bike was. This guy was actually paid to ride bikes for a living so he could appreciate the subtleties of the Cross Country’s performance.

When he returned to the dealership, he told the sales guy to give him a quote for a fully loaded Cross Country. He said the salesperson kept offering him free stuff to go along with the order. The deal just kept getting better and better. But in order to be a good consumer, he wanted to shop at the Harley dealership before making a decision. The sales person was totally fine with that and told the guy he would have the information saved and waiting for him if he decided to go with the Victory.

So he went to the Harley Dealership and talked to the sales guy about a Street Glide. When the guy asked the salesperson if he could take the bike for a test ride, the response he got back was, “Do you have an appointment?” The guy said that he didn’t have an appointment and just wanted to test the bike before he bought it. The salesman said he could not work out a test ride. So the guy asked for him to work out the pricing for a fully loaded Street Glide in order to have a comparison which the sales person was happy to do. The final quote was over $7,000 higher than the equivalent Victory. This decision was a no brainier: better customer service, better bike and a better price equals buy the Victory Cross Country which is exactly what he did.

After he told me the story I told him that I’d heard very similar experiences over and over. He agreed and said people are just buying the name when they get a Harley. I am not a Harley hater. I appreciate all bikes– sport bikes, dual-sport, cruisers, customs, you name it. But I will say that I really love this bike and I know with confidence that it’s the best bike on the road. But even though I’m not a hater, I do smile a little every time someone riding another brand covets my Cross Country as I ride by.


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